Leonid Grolman is well-known in artistic circles of Moscow and St Petersburg. His magnificent works adorn many private art collections in USA, Holland, France , Israel and etc.
     But one side of his creative process is definitely unique and even esoteric.
     For many years Leonid Grolman has been creating his own secret worlds. He calls them "little theatres". These are complex constructions consisting of many extraordinary layers - "layers of creations".
     Hand painted doors are made of wood. Small metal balls roll down endless mysterious labyrinth and eventually fall into the "box of meaning".
     And when the painter with theatrical importance and mysticism of the wizard of dreams Ole-Lukoye opens the little doors, one after another, one's heart sinks, and forgotten feelings from childhood make one expect a miracle.
     You may ask: what stands behind this amazing phenomenon? Obviously, the same thing that usually stands behind any kind of real art: learning the world, the way inward oneself, salvation of oneself and probably someone else.

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